Mini Implants


No need for complex flap surgery

Mini-implants have all the advantages of implants in general, but, as their name implies, they are smaller and can be placed without complex flap surgery.

Less invasive procedure with shorter healing time

Mini implants do not require surgery like dentures so the prosthetic tooth can be loaded within hours and the healing process is much faster. Healing time is reduced from months to days.

No need for bone grafts

There’s usually no need for additional costly bone grafts.

Less Discomfort

Less disturbance to bone and tissue means most patients need only over-the-counter pain medication, if any, for a day or so after the procedure.


Typically the procedure can be completed in one visit and most of our patients can eat normally the same afternoon.


Unlike dentures, mini implants do not slip or feel awkward. They can be used, however, to realign and improve dentures.

Prevents facial collapse

Since the mini implant is fixed in your jawbone like a tooth root, it prevents facial collapse that can occur with bone loss.

Fewer Complications

Mini dental implant failures and complications are rare and even rarer for Cambridge patients due to the techniques and protocols our team of doctors have refined over many years.



Vertical bone requirement

Since the mini implants require bones to support them, they cannot be used in an area of the jaw with inadequate vertical bone or if there has been too much bone loss.

Teeth Grinding

You might not be a good candidate for mini dental implants if you grind your teeth regularly as it may wear them down prematurely.

Dental implants are a permanent and appealing solution to replace missing or extracted teeth. They are better than other alternatives like bridges because no additional teeth need to be altered to place the new tooth. Dental implants are also used to stabilize loose dentures.

Mini implants are small diameter implants that are used to give dentures stability. Small diamter implants can be used in areas where traditional implants cant be placed. Placement of mini implants can be done without incisions and placed thru the tissue. The procedure is less invasive that tradiational implants. Minimal healing time and immediate loading allows for instant results after placement.