Ra F.



I switch dentists quite often, as it is so hard to find a good one.  It seems the good ones keep retiring, or their patient rolls are filled.

I have to say that Dr. Inong is awesome.  She is very skilled and gentle in work.  But very thorough.  Best of all, you can tell when a Dentist is "running up the bill", but she definitely does not do that.  In my case she gave me two options.  The cheaper effective option that I could afford now with my current budget, and the longer-term solution which I could not necessarily afford now, but will do in the future.  I really appreciated this, and now that I have a new job, I will definitely be looking to get the longer term solution since my new medical covers much more.

One last thing I have to say, is that her staff is so professional.  The front desk manager is just on top of everything and so friendly.  The rest of her staff is just as awesome.

As long as Dr. Inong's patient load has an opening, I definitely would recommend her services..

Sylvia O.


 I can not say enough good things about this dental practice! I'm so thankful to my best friend for recommending Dr. Inong to me. She's heaven sent! 

The facility is very clean, clutter free, and up-to-date. Doesn't feel like you're at a  dental office. Even the bathroom feels very relaxing and spa like. As soon as you walk in, Darlene is there to greet you with her warm and bubbly personality. 

They all go above and beyond to make sure you're comfortable during your visit: clouds and blue skies on her ceiling, warm neck wrap while you're in the dental chair, and I think her chairs can provide you with a massage! 

Dr. Inong and Julie are a great team. During dental work, they check in with you frequently to make sure you're ok.

Everyone is super professional, patient, and polite.

It's hard to find a dentist you trust. I love Dr. Inong and her staff. They're all fantastic and I recommend her to all of you!!